KALEIDOSCOPE Showcase, Vol. 1 // Portland Preview

Curious Apes will be making our way to KALEIDOSCOPE’s traveling virtual reality showcase Dec 10th to provide you with first-hand insights into these cutting-edge experiences as we delve deep into the thoughts and processes of some of the leading innovators in this new and exciting field.

KALEIDOSCOPE describes themselves as: “a global event series for Virtual Reality creators and serious enthusiasts that explores the art and science of Virtual Reality. Featuring a curated selection of groundbreaking, immersive Virtual Reality experiences from independent artists, the showcase promises to be an afternoon filled with excitement and inspiration. We will showcase Virtual Reality Film, Art, Games, & Immersive Experiences. Over 50+ VR stations will be available during the event, making this the largest collection of VR experiences ever in Oregon.”

If that doesn’t sound intriguing enough for you to join, then check out some of the content you can immerse yourself in below:


If you’re as excited as I am, then I’d recommend quickly getting your tickets while they’re still available: