Short Film: Rewilding

In a dystopian near-future, two young women face a moral dilemma in order to survive.

Monica Dailey – Writer / Actor
Conrad Golovac – Cinematographer
Gabrielle Hailstone – Hair & Make-Up
Donovan James – Actor
Myia Johnson – Actor
Brynden McNew – Producer / Sound
Brolin Puddifood – Actor
Pete Williams – Director

Shit Film Sunday is a film collective based in Portland, Oregon. Everyone involved has an equal vote in the production process, from writing the script to the final edit. We all work for free, we only meet on Sundays and we screen each film to the public no matter how shit it is.

Shit Film Sunday – Film 1 – September 2016

Born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, Steven Parton moved to Portland, OR after getting a degree in Computer Science. As well as programming software, apps, and websites, he is an avid writer of novels and short stories, which can be found through Curious Apes Publishing. Like most Portlanders, he also rides a bike and loves IPAs.

Novels: Hello, World
Short Stories: GOLEM , Fire And Oil , BioSphere of Self.

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