This artist provides a profound glimpse at the feminist struggle….



Andrea Rae proves once more that pictures truly are worth a 1000 words. Beyond vividly drawing our attention to the injustice women face around the world, she also brings to light questions of justice regarding immigration, media coverage, and indifference. And with the chain now linked once more around her ankles, we’re forced to ask ourselves what the cost is for freedom, dignity, and respect in our modern world–and can the average person afford it?

Thank you, Andrea, for this great piece of art that forces us to be curious and to ask questions about the things we so nonchalantly accept.


Andrea Rae is a professional daydreamer, plant whisperer & child of the moon.
She currently lives in Minato-ku, Tokyo with her bestie/husband Samuel Jagoda.
They are THE BEST DISTRACTION you know.

You can find her other works at her website, or on TUMBLR / INSTAGRAM / & TWITTER.

CONTACT HER via languageisalie (at) gmail