Want to Avoid Being a Sheep? Want Purpose and a Better World? Here’s the first step…

Do you want to be one of those people who seems to glow with genuine happiness more often than not, who seems to float charismatically between any variety of people, who seems to have the universe’s best wishes because time after time they are surrounded by an abundance of loving people? Do you want to be that person who seems to always be completing projects of passion and achieving remarkable goals, all while traveling and taking leisure time for themselves? Would you like to see our governments and communities full of these type of people for whom truth and passion and growth are the keystones of their presence?

Then Eat Well, Or Die Poorly and Painfully

To get these things you need to put some serious effort into getting onto the path of Self, and in my humble opinion, the quickest road there is a proper diet; because if you want a mind liberated enough to embark on this journey of personal ownership and social revolution, you need the vessel holding your consciousness to be operating efficiently.

The Brain Needs the Energy Your Stomach Takes


You see, the brain requires blood and energy to operate. But when you eat, your stomach is pulling energy from your brain and your limbs ( which is why they get cold after eating ) to the furnace of your stomach to help burn through your food, to help incinerate it into easily digestible nutrients that empower you. And the more energy this requires, the less energy available to devote to your brain and therefore the harder it is for you to think.

Think of your brain as a computer processor and its limited CPU power is your blood/energy.  Just like 25% might go to Chrome/Firefox if you love to have a million tabs open like me, and 10% might go to music, and another 15% into your background programs you’re running, so too does your brain and body distribute its energy between your bodily functions. The more processing power you send to your stomach, the less your brain gets, it’s that simple. (This is why Sherlock Holmes doesn’t like to eat when he’s on a case…)

Some Foods(Bread, Beans, Pork, Dairy) are like Wet Wood in Fireplace 

Some foods worsen the drain the stomach takes on your mental CPU because they make your digestion process incredibly difficult, sapping your energy and focus for long hours because of how much energy is needed to wear down preservatives, fatty foods, artificial sweetners, and processed foods like breads. Here your mind stays in a long, unfocused fog (commonly called a food coma) as it continually sacrifices its energy to your stomach.

Heart burn

Some Foods are like Newspaper (Sugar, and most carbs that quickly turn into sugar)

Now it’s important to clarify a long digestion process isn’t necessarily a bad thing, particularly in the case of a steady digestion rather than a difficult one. You see, the optimal state is to have foods that provide sustained energy, burning easily yet slowly.

However some foods, like high sugar-content foods, have what’s called a high GI ( glycemic index) value because of how quickly they burn out (giving you what’s commonly called a sugar-crash). These foods spike your blood sugar, quickly igniting your furnace to incredibly high temperatures, requiring immense amounts of energy output. And very quickly after this food is processed your blood sugar plummets and you feel a deep exhaustion. These foods lack the fiber (which vegetables provide an abundance of) that would act as a proper coal, giving you a steady flow of energy that is spikes your blood sugar too quickly nor is too difficult to digest, and therefore does not demand so much energy/blood from your brain. Imagine sprinting a mile (on sugars) versus walking a mile (with fiber), and the amount of fatigue and energetic drain you’d feel from each. 

We are made Sheep by what we Eat. 


This is one reason I believe we binge eat when we’re sad, stressed/afraid, or have hard decisions to make. Through eating a ton of food ( especially something like ice-cream with high sugar and dairy content, or pizza with high bread and dairy content) we are able to virtually numb our consciousness by taking as much energy from it as possible.

Food is no different than any other drug in this way, whether it’s caffeine, pot, alcohol, cocaine etc. These are all ways to hijack our brains ability to process. This is our escapism. And when we eat poorly all the time, we are constantly (whether we know it or not) escaping our ability to think clearly, and therefore we are unable to empower ourselves to think critically. We are unable to process what the most taoist/honest decision we could make for ourselves is. We become poor at asking questions in general. We become numb.

I believe that a constant lifestyle of poor eating has a very high correlation with the creation of what we in society often call the sheep, and that’s because in this numbed state we’re all easily herded, easily swayed by the media propaganda because we’re too exhausted to question anything after our long, shitty day at work and our american-sized, unhealthy, massively-numbing meal. We’re too tired to argue against the answers we’re being given, and so we simply consume whatever food and information is fed to us without question.


And it’s not your fault you’re addicted.

It’s Biological Science and Corporate Greed.

You see, the people who work for food companies know that our appetites yearn for salty, fatty, and sweet foods; they employ biologist and scientist who realize that our neurochemistry rewires itself, that our natural proclivity is to go for these foods rich with fat, salt, and sweetness because our animal brain knows this means energy; and before we traded hunting and an active tribal lifestyle for sitting on our ass in cubicles and cars all day, we used to need that energy. These taste trigger a sense of survival. Yet you’re most likely giving yourself diabetes and drastically shortening your chance of survival, all while becoming more addicted to these poisonous products. 

There’s even incredible evidence to back up that sugar activates the same regions of your brain as cocaine. This region is a reward center with an abundance of dopamine at its disposal. And dopamine creates a withdrawal cycle in which you continually need larger and larger doses in order to prompt the neurotransmitter into giving you an equivalent amount of “rewarding sensations”, and so you worsen your craving for sugar every time you have it, literally digging your grave deeper and deeper, all while filling the greedy pockets of the corporations who are more than happy to have you addicted to their product. And one easy way to do this is to feed you packaged snacks and double-cheeseburgers with fries and an ice-cream dessert: all full of fat, dairy, bread, sugar, and meat–a veritable deathstroke to your mental clarity and your health.


And Killing Yourself Is Better for Their Other Businesses, too. 

And don’t kid yourself to think that the greedy CEO’s aren’t reaching across the line to work with partners or starting new ventures under new umbrella-corporations to take advantage of your ailing sickness. You want to know why you’re depressed? Well, that’s because you can’t think, and therefore you can’t access the glory of being alive because you’re so goddamned numb and tired all the time that you don’t have the energy for happiness. And guess what that means? Money!! Now it’s time for pharmaceutical companies to make a fortune on anti-depressants. You might also have ADD, because your mind is constantly spiking and crashing from the ungodly and disgusting amount of sugar that’s in the sodas and sweets we spoon feed to kids, so there’s some Ritalin sales as well. 

Also, you’re becoming obese and suffering from diabetes now, too. Time for pharmaceutical companies to make a fortune on insulin. And since you’re now too tired and overweight to move much, you’re going to hug the TV all night long, getting more and more swayed into more consumer products that are emptying your bank account, causing you more stress and fear, all while you eat away your emotions and go further and further down your downward spiral into unthinking sheepishness, continually letting yourself lose a sense of confidence in your ability to shape reality to your liking and to fight back against the system that has stolen the passionate life-force from you and millions of others. 

Your First Act of Reclaiming Self and Fixing Your Broken Society is Eating Well 

The aforementioned brainwashing and greed has rigged the playing field against us, and so I understand that it’s hard, what with a double-cheeseburger of 500 calories costing less than an organic apple with natural sugars and fiber of only 100 calories. I understand that after hour-long commutes and 9 hour work days it’s incredibly hard to find the time/energy to make a healthy meal rather than make the easy stop through the drive through for your preservative-rich/processed food full of sodium and sugar that’s just so cheap and quick.

I know these things, but I also know this is something you can fix. And you won’t be alone either. This is a problem our society is recognizing as broken, and healthy food is trending, becoming cheaper and cheaper and more and more accessible. There has never been a better time than now to streamline your diet. Even Pepsi ( diabetes in a bottle) has now created a new healthy brand of vending machines because they realize with their millions of dollars of research that people are sick of being unhealthy. And if you stop investing your hard-earned dollars into companies like McDonalds, and start investing it into your local farms and small businesses, you’ll not only see your community flourish, but you’ll see the monolithic companies that have served you poison for decades start to switch to healthy foods so they can still get your money.

It’s in this way that a little difficultly now can make your life infinitely better later, as you become better at preparing healthy meals, and as more companies notice your trend and begin to sell more healthy food, allowing you to then have an abundance of energy to take back your life while avoiding ludicrous hospital bills that are the result of decades of poisonous food. 

Wondering where to start? Well a good option would to simply start avoiding refined sugars as much as possible, cutting back on processed carbs and meat, while bringing vegetables with fiber back into your diet. I could say more on this, but do some googling for recipes and you’ll find a ton of other blogs that can serve you as better nutritionist than I can.

Take the effort now to build a new habit for yourself, because I can tell you from personal experience this practice will not only change our culture for the better, but you will feel like a god once you make these changes; it will be as though you’ve surfaced after years of drowning and struggling for a breath. At least that’s how I felt. And while it took a long time of educating myself and learning new habits, my life has improved exponentially in every single regard since I made this change, because I can finally think again, and as Rene Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am.”

So if you want to be you, if you want to find your purpose and bask in its euphoric bliss of meaning, then you need to be able to think for yourself, and that means getting rid of a diet that steals that ability from you. Once you start finding out who you are, you’ll start to discover you have the energy to finally invest in those passions you’ve talked about for so long, or at the very least feel empowered to search out the passions you never thought you could find. 

And then you’ll be adding more to society because you’ll be sharing your passions and the happiness that comes from possessing it, and you’ll be aiding in the shift away from corporate greed that gets rich off our sickness; and you’ll force the 1% to adjust to making us people again, rather than sheep that shed dollar bills as we die. And the best world I can imagine is one where we’re all healthy, passionate, and respect each other instead of extorting each other.

And if this seems difficult, here is a reminder of the power you have over your thoughts, the power you have to change your life and shape reality to your whims. 


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