A New Social Movement for EVERYONE

Tired of being called a racist, sexist, and Nazi because you lean right?

Tired of being called the PC Police, a communist, a Social Justice Warrior and Special Snowflake because you lean left?

Tired of letting these radicals drive a wedge between the majority of us who are mature enough to have an adult conversation–who, in fact, want to have that adult conversation so we can finally fix our healthcare system, our economy, and the violence that’s ripping apart our communities?

Yeah, me too.

Help me create a new movement, a new party, give me ideas and let’s work together to build a new platform that acts as common ground for all–where respect for different viewpoints dominate, and where compromises can be found to help us move forward TOGETHER.

Until further notice, I’ll be gathering funds to support this movement through my Curious Apes Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/CuriousApes

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