An artistic, philosophical, and intellectual meeting place to reflect and discuss the state of humanity and the cutting edge discoveries that could alter the paradigm of the human condition—all with the goal of promoting humanism and self-actualization.

We use curiosity as a tool to peel back the layers of ego and cultural indoctrination that sway us from our fulfilling Tao—the path of harmonious compassion with self, others, and our planet. By overcoming ideas of nationality, religion, race, gender, greed, success, etc, we overcome the fear that drives us: to mistreat those different than us, to pillage our planet, and to abuse addictive forms of escapism to numb our consciousness.

We believe humanity’s core distinctions are its imagination and tool-usage, and so an understanding of technology becomes crucial to our curious and inspiring explorations. To be blunt, we at Curious Apes do not see a possibility of technology stopping its progress so long as our species continues to progress as well (though an apocalypse brought on by selfishness and greed would certainly slow us down). Therefore, rather than fight against it like many might like to do, we accept its inevitability and choose to explore its ethics, practical applications, and social impacts in a way that will not only inspire, but will also allow us to steer this unstoppable force towards a more humanistic zeitgeist.

Words define the abstracts concepts you use to build your perception of reality, and so it is with language that we attempt to further our cause. Humanity is simply a master story created by every individual’s personal story—the question is: what kind of story will you add?

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Behind the scenes!

Curious Apes was founded by me: Steven E. Parton. In addition to establishing Curious Apes, I’m an author, speaker, software engineer, podcaster, philosopher, and a futurist/transhumanist—with an emphasis on humanist.

I have dedicated the past 8 years of life towards studying the human condition and learning how to better it—for both myself and the world at large. During that time, I’ve studied several branches of psychology(especially Jungian), Alchemy, Hermeticism, Taoism, Buddhism, Chaos Magick, Thelema Magick, Wiccan, parapsychology, and plethora of other fields relating to mysticism and the study of consciousness .

I also received a degree in business and computer science with a minor in mathematics (and left University just a few classes shy of a psychology degree as well), and have taught artificial intelligence,  spent years wrangling with practical applications of neuroscience and quantum physics , and have consistently kept myself as up-to-date as possible on the current trends in technology and the zeitgeist of our times.

My goal is to constantly challenge my audience to examine social and philosophical issues, while also providing immersive and exciting content to explore. I believe there is nothing more important than cultivating self while loving all that life brings your way, and that one should never forget to laugh.


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