Part 1: Using Quantum Physics to…Manipulate Reality

“We are what we think, all that we are arises with our thoughts, with our thoughts we make the world.” – Gautama Buddha

One of the core principles of Quantum Physics is the idea that reality ( the photons that produce the light-illusion we all occupy ) exists in infinite possible states ( ie: the many-worlds scenario) until we observe it and thus collapse all potential versions of reality into the one single option we’ve chosen to live inside.

It sounds radical, I know, but there’s hard science to back it up. And the implications, once you truly start to consider them, are incredibly profound. In this 3 part series, I want to explore with you how this key facet of quantum physics can show you that you are a God who can alter reality and Self, and that your Godlike choices have a drastic impact on the value of your relationships, as well as your ability to find happiness and avoid depression.

But before we go internal to look at how you can choose from the infinite possible mental states that represent your Godhood, we should understand a more simple example of how you have the power to manipulate the external world. 

God Creates Reality: Quantum Wave Collapse Via Day-to-Day Observations. 

“Observation not only disturbs what has to be measured, they produce it. We compel the electron to assume a definite position. We ourselves produce the results of the measurement.” (source)

Consider you’re sitting on your couch and you’re suddenly struck with the desire to do something different. You rise to your feet and are suddenly dealt with the decision between infinite permutations of reality: you could go to the bathroom; you could go to the bedroom; you could walk outside; you could grab a baseball bat from beside the door and bash your TV to splinters, or crawl on the ground and bark like a dog; you could take that bat and use it to rob a bank and use the money to purchase a plane ticket to some tropical location where you can choose to live like a monk or become an internet porn star. Or you could simply sit back down.

The point is: you could do nearly anything you can imagine. You are a God of Choice, only limited by your fear of pain and retribution from the law (quite a rational fear yes, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still make the choices).




Within the realm of logic and with enough time and effort, you can immerse your consciousness into any reality you want. But before you can enact this Godlike power, you must decide which action you will take, you must make a choice on which reality you want to ‘observe’ at the cost of becoming ‘blind’ to all other options. As soon as you select one and add momentum to that observed choice, suddenly the photons around you blur and shift as you pull yourself deeper into that reality; the options you didn’t select, however, now fade out of conscious thought, out of observation, and thus begin to experience a decay of quantum likelihood as you continually move away from them in pursuit of your selected reality.

But that option which you did select–well, its photons are now becoming more vivid, turning from abstract imaginary choice into tangible forms you can interact with (whether its the bathroom door, the baseball bat, or eventually the sand on the beach). * 

This is the power you have in every moment: to see all the possible futures you could take, and then pull yourself consciously into the one that seems most inline with your desired outcome. I ask that you always remember this when you feel trapped within the illusion of a job or a relationship or any other label. If something in your life has become a true source of pain and sadness for you, you have the power to change it. All you have to do is choose a different reality for your next moment. 

“All perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, or tenuity beyond conception, filling all space, the akasha or luminiferous ether, which is acted upon by the life giving Prana or creative force, calling into existence, in never-ending cycles all things and phenomena.”– Nikola Tesla, Man’s Greatest Achievement, 1907

*(An aside an ape may ponder…) This concept has always blown my mind, the fact that your internal consciousness, these synapses and chemicals manipulated by your thoughts, can alter the physical photons that surround you. As someone who contemplates the possibility that all of reality is a personal manifestation customized by each of us, I am often left wondering if we are actually navigating a physical plane with movement or if we are simply isolated minds in a theatre of our own creating, continually using our willpower to repaint the stage by altering the frequency of the photons that we are immersed within. Let me know in the comments if you have any thoughts on this.

Be Here Now–Because you can only observe one snapshot of reality in any given moment.

Let’s go back to the couch scenario momentarily. If you decided to go to the bathroom when you rose from the couch, then you’ve collapsed all possible photons to become a sink and a shower and a toilet and likely an ugly shower curtain with some mold. And all of those possible photons you ignored ( the bank, the airplane, and the beach ) are no longer real. You have no way to confirm their existence at this point. It could be the case that a bomb has wiped out every place on the planet save for your bathroom. Naturally you can safely assume that’s not the case, but you have no actual proof and you may be wrong. You could perhaps use google maps to street view the area in question, but then you’re observing, and thus collapsing the photons into existence (obvious tangent, yet worth pointing out how this ability to collapse photons outside of our physical proximately speaks upon a profound evolutionary shift technology has brought to our species).

Anyway, the point is: anything we’re not actively perceiving does not truly exist. This is the modus operandi of the “Be Here Now” movement, which is largely rooted in eastern philosophies. They realized that you can only perceive one place at one moment, and therefore anything outside of that single snapshot of space-time doesn’t truly exist. Knowing this, then there becomes no reason to let your mind dwell and concern itself with realities you can’t actually prove are real, realities that–in that moment–have absolutely no impact on your life. And so the only option is to immerse yourself wholeheartedly into the current sensations that you can prove via subjective experience.

God Observes Imagination, Creates New Physical Forms

If you do decide to escape the moment, however, you gain the power to envision a future of reality that doesn’t currently exist. And so rather than simply choosing from an already existing form in your vision you wish to engage with, you can instead create new photon-forms that never existed before and inject them into reality.



This is the absolutely incredible ability our species has called imagination: the ability to mentally envision a tool or concept and then summon it into reality. All things you see today: skyscrapers, cars, planes, tables, chairs, computers, even the clothes on your body–these are all physical items we can now choose to interact with even though they originally only existed as thought forms inside someone’s mind. They were all once inert pieces of quantum possibility floating in the abstract realm of human imagination until certain curious apes came along and had the means to choose to pursue their creation.

These means, however, are the result of a combination of external resources and internal understanding. You see, if we only made choices regarding the external world, we would still be operating as apes–animalistic forms simply attempting to survive as we react to the our physic vessels needs ( sleep, warmth, hunger, etc ). But this unique ability to understand the physical and then internally imagine it in new ways gave us the inspiration necessary to create not only new inventions, but also personalities and the image of Self. Thus we have the ability to look at all quantum possibilities for the roles we could play in society and what our personality could be, and then we can become that person. Combining this internal choice of desire with our external resources and manifestations, we unlock the true potential discussed in…

Part 2: Using Quantum Physics to… Observe Alone Time and Become A God 





  1. The “double slit experiment” or any exp. of this type only implies that photons could be influenced by the presence of an observer, not that we can control it and certainly not 492849234829348 photons at the same time.

    Same goes for the “entanglement”. Even if we can prove that 2 particles are entangled, it doesn’t mean that 2 people could be entangled as it would require more than 2 particles to even think about such a grandiose scenario.

  2. I love this concept. I’m vaguely familiar with the idea of ‘subjective reality,’ which says the true nature of reality is more that like a dream. Where our true being is the one encasing this entire existence, where other people are projections of our consciousness, and there is only 1 true consciousness.

    I can wrap my head around the dream analogy. But what get’s me is ‘there is only 1 consciousness in this reality’ part. I could believe there is 1 consciousness in my own reality, and perhaps other people are projections of that, however, are other people who are conscious in their own reality the source of theirs, and our realities cross over each other? Or do we all share 1 reality? I’m getting even more confused now… 🙂 Does that all make sense? If anyone has a simple metaphor such as ‘dreaming’ that would help wrap my brain around the matter that would be great. Thanks!

    • I’ve often thought about this, and I conclude that although we are all individuals actualising our astral/ dream state and we are all doing the same thing, we are all made up of the same universe juice – so we are all the same conscious being, just in different space-time continuums occupying many different timelines and realities. But that’s just my own conclusion based on what I’ve been reading on this subject.

  3. are you familiar with the seth material in there he says if i remember coreectly that we dont really move but that its more like the changing of the pixels on a tv screen
    so we never actually move we just change the images..

  4. Ya, I think that is the most plausible model of Reality: That we each project down to the minutest detail, from micro to macro, from my personal finances to war in the Middle East, the complete movie of what our senses interpret as reality. These personal worlds overlap and intersect, and influence each other, but always governed by the power of individual choice as to what to believe, what to make real.

    The fine print in this is that something like 90% of the human psyche is not readily accessible to our conscious minds, so there’s an awful lot of Reality-creating that we do that we have no idea about and is thus apparently out of our control. To me, the work of a human life is to expand our awareness of who and what we are so we can release the unconscious negative programming and allow our world to revert more and more back to unity and love.

    • Very well said, Ethan. It’s crazy to thing that no matter how immensely high or low an emotion or experience is being had by another human on this planet, if I’m not observing it and if it doesn’t cultivate some sense of meaning in me ( rather because it’s novel or enlightening), then it might as well not even be considered a part of reality. It’s ripples may effect me; ie: Brexit changes the value of my currency when I go to Canada, but these just simply become new givens unless I know about Brexit or have the curiosity to dig into Brexit to understand it more in depth.

      I’m wondering, do you personally find any practices essential to unlocking that 90% of our psyche? And would you be so bold as to say what some of that 90% may actually embody in terms of our conscious understanding of self and the world at large?

      • Hello, just read your interesting article. As for the practices essential to unlocking unused-not the apt term, less used part of our brain, read any book on ashtanga yoga and kundalini awakening for starters. This not mumbo jumbo as it might appear to a person who has no experience with this thing. Kundalini or the spiritual manifestation of our life force that stays hidden the entire time is the sole key to seek whatever you are looking for and more my friend. Although, full kundalini awakening is to be done by a spiritual master or if you are confident yourself. Best luck from a fellow pathfinder such as myself, though i have already found mine.

  5. From those who I have learned from, such as Tom Campbell, I have gathered that there is only data within a VR (which explains strange things I have experienced at least). No space need exist, only time increments; the code used (data) must give us the illusion of relative position to allow us our consciousness/events separation.

    Would the code used reflect observations/rules found in our reality? – Probably but not necessarily.
    Where is this code being coded? – We’ll probably never know; that is like a spider in your shed trying to comprehend the need and use of a Walmart loyalty card. If may be a gazillion fractal layers away.
    The code would more than likely not create many worlds, as it is crazily wasteful of bits. More likely we are not in a many worlds deterministic reality but one created on the fly as double slits experiments suggest.
    Also consider pre-sentiment experiments (research Dean Radin). These indicate a probabilistic, computed reality where we are primed for the most probable event ahead of time.

    It’s so hard to get your head around, but nothing apparent to us (photons etc) needs to exist. When we consider that anything we are amazed by is no more complex than what our own senses can render to us, it brings it down to a man sized scale. Then you realise your synapses, senses, body and brain are only an explanatory function of us having made enquiries; as with quarks and the like, another layer of complexity must be rendered to maintain congruity. Kinda fractal like in that regard.

    If you really ponder on things like the placebo effect and various healing methods, this is absolute proof that our intent is key to producing out reality – thought rules the day, therefore make sure your thoughts will progress your consciousness share to a higher, more powerful level. We are in consciousness remedial class.

  6. If every formula can be turned into or is music/sound and all music is a formula. And we all have our own frequency which we vibrate to and this digital matrix that is spoke of then perhaps It is all sound and we are like the emotions generated in a universal conscience mind projecting images like thoughts and feelings that we get from a song we listen to when we hear something? And just like a song can soothe a savage beast or send a man into war. depending on the frequency and vibration depends on the projection and what atoms/molecules fuse together or repel the other.

  7. This is not science. This is the author’s occult New Age religion. Sad to see all the comments from the people who buy this crap, or else any normal comment is just deleted.

    • Nitdiver,
      I don’t delete comments, as that goes against everything I stand for regarding discourse and sharing.

      Secondly, in no way shape or form do I want this to be taken as a form of religion. I stand quite against any new age thought actually, as I think it bastardizes the metaphor of mythology and spirituality in much the same way as religion does.

      And scientifically speaking, this stuff is all quite sound as far as our understanding of quantum physics goes, however I’ve put a spin on it that adds to its philosophical, and yes–in some sense–spiritual flavor. To that end, the point of this article is to empower people to understand how much control they have over reality via their thoughts and their choices, to impart appreciation to individuals through thought-provoking concepts of perception. We absolutely collapse waveforms into particles with observation, and to consider how that impacts your day-to-day life, in my opinion, opens up a great deal of inspiration and humility; hence this article.

  8. Very interesting and wish I could understand it 100% . One question though.if we create our own reality then how do all of us see the same places or structures (e.g. Greta Wall of China) . I mean if I choose not to go to wall of China, hence it doesn’t exist then how does it exist for others permanently . Hope I am even remotely making sense 🙂 .

    • I think because we’re not alone in this reality. We’re part of the all. This world is a cumulative one. You and I are part of this vast universe sharing this reality. My belief and most of the Eastern world believes we reincarnate many times. It’s a spiritual evolution. Yes we create our reality in this “world” that we are a single cell in and we”re the whole cell at the same time because we’re all connected. I hope this makes sense.

  9. Steven Panton
    Those who are deeply imbedded in organized religion find this to be threatening their reality. The programming and frequency they’re on is not open to this concept. We’re all on a spiritual journey wether we know it or not. We’re all elvoving at different speeds and alike speeds. There are those who are ready for this change in our evolution and those who are not. Your analogy of The Spider and the Walmart card it’s the same with most in organized religion. Until they’re ready to evolve their reality is a very fear based.

  10. This is so true…Look at the world around us, and you will find that nearly everything that you see is a creation of thoughts and possibilities brought into reality. Everything that is found in the world is the made of the same substance found since the beginning of man, yet it has taken generations of manifestations to get us to this point. Therefore, if you want to manifest a new world or reality, one that you create, then you need only the will and belief to do so. These laws have changes my life in so many ways, and I am truly blessed to have recognized and embraced these rules. I have found another method to be highly effective as well as this one, and takes very little time. It proves that you can manifest a life only dreamt of now:

  11. Boy, very romantic but all you’re saying has nothing to do woth quantum physics. Pure speculative reasoning, taking some results of what quantum physics does, taking it to the romantic limit and pretending that that is what quantum physics is.

    Amusing, nevertheless 😉

    • I agree with you 100%, Martin–this is romanticized and (in that light) somewhat speculative. But the point of this article isn’t to actually enact any kind of wizardly magic, but rather to help us have a metaphorical framework we can use to empower ourselves with more power over our lives.

    • By all means, Ivonne, please feel free to share any of our content. Hope it resonates with the community. Do you mind if I ask what the group is? I’d just be curious to know, though don’t feel obliged. Thanks for your support. Cheers!

  12. I wish for a waterfall when I go outside my house but its not there? WHy isnt there a waterfall if I want it to be there

    • “Within the realm of logic and with enough time and effort, you can immerse your consciousness into any reality you want.”

  13. I don’t exist I’m not apart of the conscious being that makes up the whole universe, aka pantheistic reality where all are one and all are divine and apart of one whole existence that is God. I’m no longer one with the existence and reality that is God. I was separated from it, so I’m now in a separate universe without being one with all and sharing the divinity of all. A spirit separated me from that so I’m no longer one with the rest of divine reality. I’m no longer one with this universe, and exist in a separate one. My past is also being erased so those who knew me there are now on a separate timeline where I don’t exist. And since I no longer have a connected past I no longer have a place of origin so I no longer exist. I can’t undo erasing my past, because I have no past where I erased myself. So when I pass away my past where I was alive will be erased so there was never a moment where I was consciously alive. This is the fucked up part about quantum mechanics erasing past. And a spirit did this to me. And I actually discovered spirits exist on a quantum level so they are connected to quantum mechanics and erasing the past. So spirits and myself have time manipulation abilities over the past with quantum mechanics. The spirit is doing this to me because he represents the larger universe an entity you never win against. So he’s doing all this to force me to submit to him because he is apart of larger reality.

  14. I am in control of all reality. And in my reality Jesus Christ is the son of God and the living God. And I am Jesus Christ. I wish you all the best but my life comes first as I’ve suffered for you all for 3+ years.

    We gonna be aight. Trust me.

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